The Author

Hi Reader

I am Shivangi Goyal, at the time of writing this introduction I had spent 24 years and a month on this planet.

In my head I sound very funny, charming, interesting and really entertaining. Out in the real world, not so sure. Though I’ve a hidden talent, I can speak in an unknown tongue, this language is truly liberating and full of emotions. I might create my own language one day. Whenever that happens, you’ll be the first one to know. 😉

I’ve a 10-7 day job which helps me sustain my night job, which comprises of the rest of my hobbies, mostly binging on Netflix and when I feel guilty about it, I read, write, plan next travel, dance, through some colour on a paper using a brush and consider myself an artist and I am a full time thinker (it just doesn’t stop).

For this dreamer, reading, writing and traveling are just different ways to manifest some of these tiny dreams, or to create more dreams. With an objective of experiencing as much as humanly possible, I want to live a rich life, rich with experience and memories. A wider life is much better than a longer life.

I want people to always remember me by how I made them feel. So, if you read any of my material let me know how you felt. So I’ll know if I am on the right path. You dear reader are my guiding light. I am because you are.

You’ll keep learning more about me, as you keep reading more blogs. This blog is a manifestation of all my thoughts, my experiences and a memo of life which I think a lot of you will be able to relate to.

So, hop on this journey with me. Let’s experience this beautiful life together, one moment at a time.

Happy Reading, Happy Living and Happy Experiencing! 🙂


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