Why you should travel solo?

Though things are changing now, but for the longest time people associated solo travelling with loneliness and they can’t be more wrong. Travelling solo is anything but “lonely”.

Most of you must have heard or have seen someone who is mad about solo travelling and you can’t help but wonder why? What’s even the point of going to amazing places without your gang, right?

I’ll give you not one but 5 reasons for why you should go solo travelling atleast once in your lifetime.

1. No hassle of convincing people and planning the trip.

Difficult task of planning a group trip with friends
Image Credits: © Ondine Goldswain

How many time have you cancelled or postponed a trip just because your friends are either not coming aboard the plan or they cancel on you at the very last minute and shatter your dreams?

I know, it physically hurts!

But when you’re travelling solo, you don’t have to do the endless coordination with friends, you don’t have to stay awake at night thinking about every possible scenario to make that one itinerary which everybody will like.

All you have to do is, take your backpack, book your tickets and be gone. NO Plans required. All you have to do is think about what you want and not what everybody will like and will agree to do.

My packed backpack in a bus to Pushkar
My backpack

Want to see that sunrise from the best spot? No problem, set your alarm and walk right out. Want to go to that historical ruin which your friends might not have preferred?  Just feel like sitting on the cliff side on your way and watch the sun? Do all of that, no explanations or reasons required. If it makes you feel good, you do it, no questions asked.

2. Meet new people

When you’re with your friends, the only time you talk to strangers is when you’ve to ask for directions, food and transport.

Some of you might consider it unsafe to start a conversation with strangers on a solo trip. Well, let me tell you something, you are missing out on one of the most beautiful things about being human.

As Alexander Supertramp said,

“Happiness is real only when shared”

You’ll soon realize, that people are not half as bad as we think. You’ll learn so much from their experience, you’ll become so much more tolerant to different cultures, races, thoughts and point of views. You’ll gain perspective, you’ll learn that “best friend” doesn’t have to be for a lifetime, you can be someone’s best friend for 3 days with no obligation to wish them on their birthdays.

Oh buoy! Do I miss the heavenly conversations with the people I meet while travelling? It’ll be an understatement if I say, I crave for these conversations. The real heart to heart talk about everything and anything under the sun. It’s truly magical to see people in their true essence, without the fear of being judged, to converse openly without any inhibitions, just being their true beautiful self and it’s equally liberating to let your guard down for a while, shed every fear of being judged, being categorized and to just speak your mind without the need to defend or prove anything.

If you can’t relate to what I am saying, then you have something new to try out, and trust me it’s worth it.

PS: You still need to use your judgement to avoid troubles, don’t get too adventurous and trust every other stranger you meet. Goes without saying, always be alert. You’re the only person responsible for your safety.

3. Discover your limitlessness- be free

Liberation on hills. This is from my first trek to Triund
This is from my first trek to Triund

There’s a different kind of freedom and independence when you’ve to really take care of yourself in an unknown place and among unknown people.

You might have to communicate and live with people who don’t speak any of the languages you can understand and vice versa.

You’ll get lost and then you’ll have to figure out your way back without internet. You’ll have to figure out safe and affordable accommodation, find food and water, figure out feasible transportation, these are all basic things which in our normal life we don’t have to think about every moment of the day. You’ll realize what all do you really need for your survival and what can be left behind. You’ll realize what truly matters, which, if you believe me, always boils down to people. You’ll learn to start and hold a conversation, which, all you will agree, is quite a handy skill. You’ll learn how to ensure your safety, you’ll learn to be prepared and alert all the time while still enjoying every moment to its fullest.

You’ll truly learn to manage yourself, understand your physical, mental and spiritual needs and wants.

4. Learn to enjoy your own company

My picture while reading a book on a rock in a forest somewhere in Kanyakumari
This is me, on a trip to the southern most tip of India

You’ll be alone for long stretches of time, be it while commuting, roaming around the streets alone, eating alone, shopping alone. Sounds like a nightmare? Well, it’s not.

Tell me something, if you don’t enjoy your own company, how can you expect other to enjoy your company? Are your thoughts that unbearably boring?

Mr Bean supressing smile in public
The classic “trying to contol your laugh in public” face

Let your thoughts wander, you’ve all the time in the world, secretly laugh on those PJs cracking up in your head. It’s weirdly amazing to battle your facial muscles to wipe out that grin from your face in a public place and rather end up with a weird Mr. bean like face.

Read that book, you’ve been planning to read since forever, sit in a random beautiful spot and paint or sketch what you see. Make those random unplanned stops to capture the perfect beauty with your lens. Write about your journey and your thoughts.

5. Find your strength

You’ll discover an immense amount of strength within yourself when you find the power to liberate yourself. Once you realize, no matter what comes, I can survive, I can find my way back from any situation, you tap into an unknown strength, the source of which lies within you.

Travelling solo will help you gain more confidence in yourself. It will give you the strength to trust your gut and your decisions. And nothing is more liberating than the realization that we are our own masters.

Live for yourself, enjoy your time alone with no unwanted distraction. Learn to be happy with who you are, explore yourself. There’s so much more to you than your grades, degrees, jobs and your friends.

For the sake of yourself, take yourself on that trip and thank me later! So, explore the unexplored and embark on your own adventure. 🙂

Tell me where do you want to go for your solo trip? And if you already have share your first solo trip experience in the comments section.


4 thoughts on “Why you should travel solo?

  1. Its an incredible piece Shivangi!!.
    Very well written. Precise in contents though elaborative in its thoughts..

    And does answer a question that has for long being loittering in my mind..

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