Change- the only constant

After a long time today, I wanted to write.

I pondered a while on the topic, and came up with “no topic” as a topic. Thankfully I talked myself out of doing that. Quite lame, but true, the idea of changing the topic reminded me of one of my strongest beliefs and the current situation of my life. “Change- the only constant”.

A week ago, I was looking at life very differently. Least did I know, it’s the silence before a thunderstorm. It was time to give up on procrastinating on lots of decisions to be made, trying to stretch the sweet lazy time with no worries and maximum fun.

But universe has it’s own way of getting things done. The situations will turn such, that you’ll have to put your foot down take a decision and advance on that path. It’s like universe is pushing me from behind when I’m still getting ready for a party, shouting “I’m not ready yet” and universe casually replying “Yeah! You can get ready on the way, no biggie! Now move that ass, we are going for a ride”

The moment you start settling into a comfort zone, Wooshh! comes the change to throw you again in an unknown territory.

You look around, feel nervous, afraid, sad, angry, cry, then you get up dust yourself up and conquer this new unfamiliar kingdom. It’s like going on an adventure every time. But the rules are, you’ll never know “when” it’s time to leave and “where” are you going, until you’ve conquered. You fight endlessly, you experience unimaginable, you discover new treasures, you learn infinite new things. And one day you’re confident, happy and satisfied.

This whole journey from being sad, angry, afraid to being confident, happy and satisfied is nowhere else but within you. The fights fought are with yourself. The wars won are over you. The experiences, the treasures are the invaluable lessons learned on this journey within you.

This adventure happens all the time, it throws you out of your comfort zone. This adventure is CHANGE. It’ll teach you invaluable lessons, it’ll give you invaluable people, it’ll give you invaluable moments to cherish. Every change will change you as a person. You’ll be different from what you were before.

This change is a challenge which come in every size and package. As small as loosing a toothbrush, to as big as getting fired. It comes as a packaging of good news to bad news. But what you make out of yourself after this change (challenge) is upto you. You can turn out as a better person from the worst of changes or you can give up and come out as it is with lesser time on your clock. But one thing is for sure, you’ll never go backwards, you’ll never be worse than before. Change is always progressive.

But none of this will happen until you accept the change. Remember, nothing remains forever.

This too shall pass

So give your best shot every day, accept the change. Love the universe, and let it work it’s magic. It’s the best teacher indeed.

Until next time…


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