How it all started? The history

On a hot day after the lunch break, almost all the kids in III-B were yawning to the black and white History book, while their history teacher was reading some Rajput history to them. Except for one girl who was dreaming about the glorious Rajput history, seeing it all play in front of her eyes which were shinning with excitement. Staring at those blurred black and white pictures in her history book, she was imagining the life back then. While her teacher was reading, she was picturing the desert, the palaces, the dresses, the lifestyle, the emotions, the turmoil of that time, wishing if only she had a time machine she would see it all for herself.

That was the day, I feel in love with history, our diverse Indian culture and my undying fascination with Rajasthan began. In case you haven’t figured it out, yes that day dreaming girl in history class was me.Since then, I kept day dreaming about walking through the old ruined palaces where others before me had walked, touched the walls which they had touched long back, see through the windows they had peeked through, just live a moment of their life, be in their shoes for a split second.

I guess, by now you got the sense of my fascination with history, ruins and especially Rajasthan. Now, fast forward to around 12-15 years later, I backpacked to Jaipur, Udaipur, Pushkar, Ajmer, liked the palaces the feel and everything but something was missing. Then in Nov, 2018 after waiting and trying for a long time I went on a solo trip to Jaisalmer and IT.BLEW.ME.AWAY in every aspect. Once again, I became that day dreaming girl in history class with glittering, shying eyes. This blog is a result of the impact this place had on me. Jaisalmer was everything I ever imagined Rajasthan to be like during my daydreaming sessions.

Through a series of blogs I’ll take you on my journey in Jaisalmer, in those 4 days I learned more than I learned and experienced in 4 years. Yep, that’s right a series is required peeps! People who know me will understand, I can’t squeeze my stories in 500 words, its way too less, I like being detailed. So stay tuned for the next post! I promise you an interesting journey, so don’t miss it.

To know what happened after this, click here.

PS: If you follow the blog, it’ll be easy for you to stay updated. Just saying!


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