Freedom of Choice

Standing on my balcony on a Sunday Afternoon, I was feeling happy.
“This is exactly what I wanted”, I thought, while appreciating the warmth of the winter sun on one half of my body and the chilling December winds on the other half. The tangy taste of orange was still lingering around. From my balcony, I could see people proceeding with their usual life. A guy hammering an iron bar, the sound of his violent act could be heard loud and clear on 9th floor of my society, some kids were playing hide and seek behind a truck in an empty ground, a herd of buffalo was soaking sun and a crowded tea stall where a group of old men were in an intense discussion, may be about recent elections in the country or may be about some notorious kid in the society.

I was wondering,” Why am I feeling so happy with their routine? Soon I realized it wasn’t about their routine but it was about my non-routine. In that very moment, all of us in that frame were happy and were doing exactly what we wanted to do. In that moment, I realized the importance of freedom of choice. It was an amazing feeling to realize that, in that very moment, I was exactly where I wanted to be, doing exactly what I was doing (staring at people from my balcony). I was truly alive in that moment.

Suddenly, I was overwhelmed by the humble feeling of gratitude to be alive, to be able to witness that moment and to get that moment of clarity which converted to an ecstatic feeling. I realized, though I am a student of life, I still am the owner of my life. I am free to make my choices.

Aren’t we so lucky to be living a life of our choice, doing what we like to do on our terms. Choosing our field of education, choosing what we want to work on, choosing our ootd, choosing to make or not make a career, choosing to stay home or go out with friends, choosing what to eat, etc etc. Isn’t it liberating to know no matter what happens, the reigns of our life is in our hands, atleast the input is, the output might not be in some cases.

Our lives are our individual independent stories which we have a freedom to write in the way we want to. It’s the only important story we will ever write and live.

Remember all the times, you blamed somebody else for something unlikable happening in your life, it was not them, it was you. The time, you used situational excuses to do or not do something, it was not the situation, it was your choice. That time, when you thought what will people think, remember it wasn’t them thinking about you, it was you thinking about them.

The day the realization that you’re in the driver seat of your life will REALLY sink in, that day you’ll not regret a moment of your life.  Once you take ownership of your life, your actions and your choices, you’ll be truly free. This Freedom is extremely powerful, and its the only power that matters. You’ll start looking at life diffrently, there will no longer be mistakes or regrets, there will only be learnings everyday and every moment.

If I am given a chance, a choice to go back in time and change whatever I want to. I would change nothing at all, because every moment, every decision, every incident, happy or sad, good or bad, wanted or unwanted has shaped me to be who I am today. This very thought is extremely empowering.

Remember; the credit is yours, the blame is yours too.

Let me know your thoughts on it. Until then…

Your truly,


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